Carl Yorke


Carl Gabriel Yorke is best known for his starring role in the notorious cult horror film,
Cannibal Holocaust, directed by Ruggero Deodato. Yorke began his professional career with
San Francisco's legendary Committee improv workshop, founded by members of Chicago’s
The Second City. In New York he studied with Uta Hagen. Yorke’s other credits include appearances in films such as Jack the Bear (directed by Marshall Herskovitz, starring
Danny DeVito and Gary Sinise), Idle Hands (starring Seth Green and Jessica Alba) and
Ron Howard’s Apollo 13, two seasons on television’s The Paper Chase, as well as appearances in My So-Called Life, Dynasty, Sliders (with Jerry O'Connell), and NYPD Blue. Carl Yorke resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been teaching screenwriting classes at
Stanford University.

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